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America's Health Rankings is a tool used by health professionals in order to view data for a wide variety of health issues by state or topic. The current state was cumbersome and required too much time navigating in order to quickly access the data. Visualization was clunky and cramped as multiple charts/graphs were often jammed together regardless of whether the content could be read.

I was asked to do a usability audit, explore scenarios and return with some design recommendations.

Story Time

Before I started doing anything else, I wrote a user story. This was from the perspective of a government official trying to find information in their district in order to present a plan for health guidance in upcoming sessions. It's important to be able to put your plan into words. A story helps others to understand the path that the final mockups will reveal. Having a story approved first also makes sure that everyone is on the same page and that expectations are in check for the final design. This can help alleviate misunderstandings around deliverables before they happen.


I was asked to provide "nice looking" wireframes for a meeting with business team members. So I put together screens using elements from the existing site to show the flow and restructuring path before I proceeded to mockup high fidelity designs. These wireframes were more visual than documentary in order to appeal to the audience for them.


After collaborating with the business team I refined my exploration into these working mockups. Multiple iterations were produced in order to showcase subtle menu/navigation interactions. Below is an example of some of those screens.

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