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Brand Experience

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Best Buy

I was the lead designer for maintaining and creating solutions for the global home page between 2007-2013. The area I worked on is highlighted in red. This included meeting with internal stakeholders and coming up with functional and user based solutions to deliver featured content. I implemented the necessary frontend code to make those solutions a reality.

I worked with A/B test analysts to test things as simple as button color to different copy and layouts.

I also re-designed various sections of such as the customer service/help section and the credit card page. That involved specifying solutions based on user data and adopting those decisions into a logical content flow and an updated design. Frontend development was also part of my role.

UX, IA, Design, Front End

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United Way


I worked with United Way Twin Cities to design and develop a site to gather registrations for an annual volunteer event. This is the 3rd iteration of the site.

The site will tweet from a set list of customizable tweets and include the Twitter handle or volunteer name (all are optional).

Custom WordPress plug-ins were created to manage the volunteers in the admin. It features email customization, form field management, list exportation and more.

UX, IA, Design, Front End

Custom WordPress CMS, Fully Responsive

Marc Tule Photography

Another Photographer I’ve been fortunate to work with. This is his photoblog. It uses a masonry style layout with a responsive format.

UX, IA, Design, Front End

WordPress, Responsive

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Angela Staehling

A custom WordPress site for artist Angela Staehling. Fully responsive and customizable.

UX, IA, Design, Front End

Custom WordPress CMS, Fully Responsive

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Huber Engineered Materials

I did the UX for the proposed redesign of the Huber Engineered Materials website. This is an example of the homepage and the products page. I also did the visual design once the wireframes were approved.

UX, Design

Wireframes were done in Illustrator and rapidly changed in meetings by moving elements during discussions and reviewing data from the product manager and internal team members.

Curtis Johnson Photography

A photography site for Curtis Johnson.

UX, IA, Design, Front End

SlideShowPro Director CMS w/custom Display, Fully Responsive

Rainbow Restaurant

A new website for a local restaurant. User data was used to optimize this site for a mobile experience that brings the main functions users look for when on the go. Location, reservations, phone calls and delivery are all easily accessible from a phone.

UX, IA, Design, Front End

Custom WordPress theme using Foundation 5, Fully Responsive

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MicroEssentials App

I did the IA and UX for an iTunes and Android app for Mosaic customers. The app was targeted toward farmers who needed to quickly get nutrient removal values for various crops. I also did the visual design and UI after the prototype was approved.

UX, IA, Design

Used Lo-Fi prototypes to get initial approval from product manager. A rapid working prototype was developed in an iOS environment called Blueprint (second screenshot). This prototype could be shared with other iOS devices for testing before development.

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Medica Happy Co.

I did the font-end development for a web app aimed at corporate customers of a health care plan.

Front-End Development. The site has been taken down as it was only used for a limited time. But a working example is still available in a sub-directory.

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Palisade Asset Management

I planned, designed and developed a corporate site for a Minneapolis asset management company.

UX, IA, Design, Front End

Custom WordPress CMS, Fully Responsive

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Mosaic – Crop Nutrition

Mosaic – Crop Nutrition

A periodic table of crop nutrition for Mosaic’s crop nutrition website.

UX, Front End

Custom JavaScript, Automatic gallery creation by name of directory

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Verizon Wireless Center

Verizon Wireless Center

Built in 2009 and still running almost 6 years later. Not sure why, but it’s a nice example of the type of work I was doing back then. I worked with the clients internal development team to plan, design and develop a new site for this venue.

UX, IA, Design, Front End

City of Mankato

City of Mankato

Another oldie from 2009 yet still running. Not a good example of a modern responsive site, but again it’s an example of the type of work I was doing back then. This site is fairly complex and massive. Taxonomy, IA and UX were a major phase of this project. I worked with the city’s internal teams, mayors office and other stakeholders to create an organizational hierarchy that balanced data based user behavior with those internal office requirements.

UX, IA, Design, Front End


With 15+ years of experience I've acquired a diverse range of creative and business skills that bring solutions for many situations. Proficient at planning, designing and developing digital products.

I have Experienced in UX (Research, Architecture, Design), UI design, Storyboards, Prototypes (Lo-fi & Hi-fi), A/B testing, Responsive Design.

In my various roles I have developed a strong understanding of client relations, defining scope and strategizing solutions to attain business objectives.

5+ years leading creative teams and managing day to day operations. I also have experience designing for print, branding and packaging.

Code Familiarity

CSS, SASS, HTML, XML, JavaScript, PHP, Responsive Design and Development

Expert proficiency in all standard design/web tools. If there’s something I haven’t used, I learn quickly.

APIs, Frameworks, CMS, toolsets

Foundation, Bootstrap, Compass, WordPress, Concrete, ModX, SlideShowPro, Mixture and more.

Business Experience

Creative Management, Creative Direction, Project Management, Research Preparation, Contextual Inquiries, Preference Studies, Usability Testing, Proposal/RFP response, Business Strategy/Planning, Data Based UX Prototyping (Axure, ProtoShare, etc.)


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